Introducing BidX Pro


  • Multiple windows/bidpacks can be open at a time.
  • E-Grid helper. When logging into the website via your web browser, when the E-Grid query is displayed, do a select-all and copy all the text. Then in BidX Pro select Edit->Decode E-Grid. It will determine the E-Grid code and copy it to your clipboard. Then just go back to your browser, select the e-Grid field and do a Paste operation.
  • Printing is vastly improved and allows for PDF creation.
  • Multiple user support. If you enter in serial #s for more than one user, you can have multiple users on one computer. The passwords, preferences, etc are saved for each user separately. Not heavily tested, so give me your feedback.
  • User # and Seat you are bidding for is displayed in upper left.
  • Serial # expiration information displayed in upper right.

Bidding Tab
  • Scrolling over pairings in the Graphic Lines List with option/alt key held down will pop-up a window with text for that pairing (you no longer have to put the line onto the calendar bar to see the text for a pairing.
  • Control click in the header area of the Graphic lines list to change what information is displayed in that header.
  • Vacation has been updated. You can now do some auto-expansion once you have done your initial vacation entry. Please give me feedback on the expansion tool... it has not been tested as thoroughly as I would like yet. Use with some caution because of that.
  • Sorts can be inverted (does opposite of Sort Criteria).

Open Time Tab
  • Options for sorting open time (by date or credit hours)
  • Options for filtering (RFO/No RFO and credit hour ranges)
  • Open time count on current date.

What comes next?
  • Better fare data viewing by showing fares for each leg of each trip.
  • Line Pay Information (show what a line will really pay after CBA adjustments).
  • Integration with BidX for iOS (No Time Frame for this… it will get done someday)

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