BidX Pro is a full-featured Bidding program. It features an unparalleled graphical representation of the monthly bid-lines, numerous filters and sorts, ability to view bid awards and an open-time utility. The program has been in development since May 2006 and has evolved into a tool that no FedEx pilot should be without.

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Got a question???? See the F.A.Q. page

Cost :
  • Subscription Cost for BidX Pro only is $50.
  • Subscription Cost for BidX Pro and Mobile combined is $60.00.
  • See the FAQ regarding upgrading your Pro only subscription to Pro/Mobile.
  • You can get a free trial from within the BidX Pro app by going to the Purchase screen (inside Preferences).
  • Please can also send me an email if you’d like a free trial.

Current Versions : BidX Pro 2.5.1

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