Current BidX Downloads

Attention MacOS 10.8 or prior users : BidX Pro will no longer support OS 10.8 or lower after January 2017. The tools required for supporting older OS versions are being phased out. Older versions of BidX Pro will continue to work on these models beyond that date, but any changes to that affects BidX may render it inoperable.

Attention Windows users. Windows XP is no longer supported. The development software is the limiting factor here.

2.5.1 Update
Update Engine change.

2.4.7 Update
VTO Lines Format change fix for real this time.

2.4.6 Update
VTO Lines Format change fix.

2.4.0 Update
Fare data can now be received again.
Added protections for bid not being received or improper number of lines bid.

2.3.9 Update
Calendars updated (dropdown menu fixed)
Windows Users : If you had trouble getting the Update (from the auto-update), I recommend doing the following :
1) Use Add/Remove program to get rid of the old one.
2) Delete the BidX Pro folder from Program Files
3) Install new one.

2.3.7 Update
E-Grid Gone

2.3.6 Update
Able to download May bid pack again.
Better Serial #/Purchase integration

2.3.5 Update
Soft and Hard Token ready.
No preference settings necessary for the Token use. It Just Works!

See the FAQ page for information regarding "stuck" preferences, and other problems.

BidX Pro 2.5.1 for Mac
BidX Pro 2.5.1 for Windows
BidX Pro 2.3.9 for Mac
BidX Pro 2.3.9 for Windows
BidX User's Guide
2.3.7 for Win
Feb 2017 B777 Bidpack Source
Feb 2018 B777 Bidpack